time moves easy

stroke of sunlight flicker


reminder to beat slow


Follow single file; a migration towards unknown sanctuary. Land upon a home visited only in the sparkling pockets of a dream within a dream. Matcha ice-cream cones melt mild and compose the day's tune.


young couple edge near

lips spackled by 

beach promise

above, birds flock east


An ancient bridge extends along hem of sea, its inviting hum a melody I long to etch in my brain and revisit always. I breathe into the deepest parts of myself and smile. Now the antiquated air is new. 


peer into windows 

see a story I recall

of a girl dancing


Silent streets, save for distant train buzz or bubble-over of child's play. Turn the corner without a plan (the best kind of direction), to pause at lone vending machine housing canned caffeine. The sugarcoated contents spill down boundless thirst and we keep pace as the sun goes into hiding. 


"You swim with us." 

She said, down twist of

quiet stairs

and I felt alive


Kaleidoscopic trance brought us into the night. Shop owners turn their signs, and suddenly it's another year. I recollect traces of balloon air, a distant cheer that fell into pull of dark at the tower's brilliant crown. A giggle brings me back to a small wooden table with new friends. The spark of "kanpai..."

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